Last Minute Diamond Anniversary Gifts

diamond anniversary gifts

  Welcome to our diamond anniversary gifts guide! Marriage is a sacred act of commitment and a long lasting devotion for better and for worse. In today’s modern society the divorce rate is higher than it’s ever been and some marriages don’t last even 2 years. Milestones are set for those who make it past … Read more

Best Ways For Selling Diamond Jewelry

selling diamond jewelry

  Are you thinking about selling diamond jewelry but don’t have any idea where to start? We’ve put together a comprehensive list that clearly defines the best options for selling your used diamond jewelry with the pros and cons for each method.   Diamond jewelry can run in the thousands of dollars and finding a … Read more

How To Rent Jewelry Online

rent jewelry online

    How to rent jewelry online? The question is often raised for individuals looking to rent diamond jewelry online but they don’t know where to look? There are numerous people today that are interested in renting diamond jewelry for a special occasion or perhaps entertain the idea of trying on a trending piece without … Read more

Buying Used Jewelry Marked Down

buying used jewelry

    Interested in buying used jewelry? Diamond rings are expensive and owners have a strong sentimental attachment to their rings and they know the value of their purchase price.     There are thousands of affordable diamonds available on the market but for some individuals, the price can still be too expensive. For these … Read more

Settings For Engagement Rings

Prong setting diamond ring

Do the different prong and setting styles of engagement rings have you pulling your hair out? Are you searching for a simple understanding of words like solitaire, prong, Bezel, and Tiffany? This is an article with the best guide to unlocking all these mysteries of the diamond world. Finding what you’re looking for can seem … Read more

Resize Engagement Ring

how long does it take to resize a ring

This is an area that a lot of people, especially men, tend to forget about when they purchase the engagement ring. Unless you know your significant others ring size? You’ll need to take the ring into a jeweler to have it resized. What does this entail? We’re going to help you with this comprehensive guide … Read more

How To Save Money On An Engagement Ring

save money diamond engagement ring

Everybody knows that Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, and Christmas are the biggest days to pop the question. Putting your life on the line with a proposal is scary enough but it often means you’re looking at buying an expensive engagement ring and sometimes, debt comes with it.  If the diamond retailers have anything to … Read more