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Diamond rings are expensive and owners have a strong sentimental attachment to their rings and they know the value of their purchase price. There are thousands of affordable diamonds available on the market but for some individuals, the price can still be too expensive. For these reasons, a lot of consumers look for alternative means for buying used jewelry at a more reasonable price.

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Our Buying Used Jewelry Guide

Some men in today’s society that are proposing to their girlfriends, like the fact that they can buy a used diamond engagement ring and use their saved money on other manly things. There are a lot of different underlying factors for consumers looking to buy a used ring, however, saving money is the leading factor. This guide will touch on five factors to pay attention to when buying used diamond jewelry, provide a brief outline for the benefits of buying a used diamond, and help consumers make an educated purchase without getting ripped off.

5 Factors For Buying Used Jewelry

The 4Cs of Diamonds

Diamond Cut

Cutting a diamond is a critical stage in producing a quality stone and the cut is based on the diamond’s symmetry. Cutting a diamond has one purpose and that’s to produce optimal symmetry to allow absorbed light to evenly disperse back to the top facets of the diamond. Diamonds that have deep or shallow cuts will let the light escape to the bottom of the diamond, wasting light that could have been used to illuminate the top facets instead.

Diamond Color

Surprisingly, some diamonds are blue, pink, orange, red, green, and yellow, however, the most popular color choice is colorless or white diamonds. Not all colorless or white diamonds are transparent, some diamonds have a yellowish tint and when yellow tints are darker, they decrease the diamond’s value.

Diamond Clarity

Everyone likes having a blemish-free face, the same holds true for a blemish-free diamond and a diamond that’s blemish-free is a sign of a quality diamond. Diamonds without surface blemishes or inclusions are rare and extremely valuable. For other diamonds, a 10x magnification is used to see the number of inclusions and how visible they are will determine their price. The (GIA) Gemological Institute of America has implemented a grading system that classifies diamond quality called the Clarity Scale.

Diamond Carat

The carat is not the size of the diamond, it’s the weight. Carat weight is most commonly used in fractions. For example, a diamond with 0.75 carats is a 3/4 carat diamond. Consumers looking to purchase a used diamond ring shouldn’t get carat and Karat confused. Karat is used to measure gold purity and carat is the diamond’s weight.

Diamonds Metal Band

Gold is always the most popular choice when it comes to selecting a metal band for a diamond. Gold has a color contrast that compliments a diamond and they’re both easy to notice and very durable. Gold comes in a variety of colors like rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold are all materials that have been used since ancient times. Platinum is becoming a more popular choice in today’s market as consumers are looking for other alternatives over gold bands.

Benefits of Buying Used Diamond Jewelry

Price is the biggest benefit of buying used diamond jewelry and a used diamond ring is still a quality gemstone. The amounts that can be saved are staggering and for these reasons, the benefits for those taking this avenue might have more practical reasons like making car payments, mortgages, household necessities, and other expenses. Other benefits include, the money saved can be applied to upgrading the used diamond ring making it once again unique.

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