Last Minute Diamond Anniversary Gifts

diamond anniversary gifts

  Welcome to our diamond anniversary gifts guide! Marriage is a sacred act of commitment and a long lasting devotion for better and for worse. In today’s modern society the divorce rate is higher than it’s ever been and some marriages don’t last even 2 years. Milestones are set for those who make it past … Read more

Best Ways For Selling Diamond Jewelry

selling diamond jewelry

  Are you thinking about selling diamond jewelry but don’t have any idea where to start? We’ve put together a comprehensive list that clearly defines the best options for selling your used diamond jewelry with the pros and cons for each method.   Diamond jewelry can run in the thousands of dollars and finding a … Read more

How To Rent Jewelry Online

rent jewelry online

    How to rent jewelry online? The question is often raised for individuals looking to rent diamond jewelry online but they don’t know where to look? There are numerous people today that are interested in renting diamond jewelry for a special occasion or perhaps entertain the idea of trying on a trending piece without … Read more

Buying Used Jewelry Marked Down

buying used jewelry

    Interested in buying used jewelry? Diamond rings are expensive and owners have a strong sentimental attachment to their rings and they know the value of their purchase price.     There are thousands of affordable diamonds available on the market but for some individuals, the price can still be too expensive. For these … Read more

Best Place To Buy Diamonds Online

don't get scammed buying jewelry online

It’s no big secret that crooks and scam artists make their living on the internet preying on unsuspecting people. They kneel down, crouch, and pounce when the time is right. Taking advantage of an opportunity over an innocent victim. Is buying diamonds online safe? Yes, in fact, buying diamonds online can be safer than buying … Read more

Are Lab Created Diamonds Worth Anything?

When a diamond is created in a lab the idea is that the jeweler keeps recreating whatever they’ve made. Development and research for lab created diamonds can be an initial investment, however, over the course of time their cost drop and they end up with a product that is readily available and cheap to manufacture. … Read more

Buying Loose Diamonds

Ever since the 19th century loose diamonds have soared, despite the sudden supply inflow, and this is due in fact to some clever marketing strategies by the world’s top diamond empires. It’s not uncommon for an ongoing market crises to have wealthy investors looking for hard investments. There are a lot of investors that are … Read more