But I want the pink diamond though!

I can understand how some ladies might want a colored diamond like a pink diamond for instance. Let’s face it: she’s going to wear that ring for the rest of her life so of course, she wants it to say something about her, who she is, etc. Hey, if you’re eyes are rolling right now and you’re muttering ‘Yeah, chicks…’ No, that’s the wrong attitude. I intend to drive my truck for a long time so guess what? I painted it hunter green, not pink. Color is important.

However, since only one in every 10, 000 diamonds possess natural color, we know, going in, that these diamond will have a higher cost.

To keep the price down, always return to the 4-C’s: Color, Carat, Cut, and Clarity.
Naturally, a colored diamond whether a pink diamond or black diamond will be the main focus of your purchase, it’s deepness, the intensity. The first question you have to ask yourself is do you want a naturally colored diamond or one that is artificially colored? Yes, a pink diamond is damn beautiful though!

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Our Diamond Anniversary Gift Ideas By Years Married

diamond jewelry anniversary

Marriage is a sacred act of commitment and a long lasting devotion for better and for worse. In today’s modern society the divorce rate is higher than it’s ever been and some marriages don’t last even 2 years. Milestones are set for those who make it past the statistics and marriages that go past 2 decades hold a special significance in everyone’s heart. These unions are perfect examples of what true love is supposed to be. They exemplify what togetherness and having a true friend for life is all about. To honor that symbolic moment wedding anniversaries that make it over the decades are celebrated with long lasting love markers. Read on to see our diamond anniversary gift ideas by years married!

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The Best Options for Selling Diamond Jewelry

selling diamond jewelry

Are you’re looking to sell your diamond engagement ring or diamond jewelry but don’t have any idea on where to start? We’ve put together a comprehensive list that clearly defines the best options for selling your used diamond jewelry with the pros and cons for each method. Diamond jewelry can run in the thousands of dollars and finding a fair price for your unwanted jewelry can feel like a daunting task. However, read on to see our opinions of the best options for selling diamond jewelry.

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How to Rent Diamond Jewelry Online

rent diamond jewelry online

The question is often raised for individuals looking to rent diamond jewelry online but they don’t know where to look? There are numerous people today that are interested in renting diamond jewelry for a special occasion or perhaps entertain the idea of trying on a trending piece without having the commitment of a full purchase. One solution to this problem is to rent some diamond jewelry from reputable online jewelry businesses. Below is a list for the top three rental businesses, read on to see exactly how to rent diamond jewelry online.

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Paying For Her Engagement Ring – Some Suggestions

paying for her engagement ring

Engagements rings are one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your life. There’s no need to feel bad if you’re in a position where you’ve got to finance one. Recent surveys show that 64% of working Americans couldn’t come up with a $1000 for emergency expenses. The average price for a diamond engagement ring is around $4,000 to $6,000 dollars and it’s easy to understand why financing is a popular choice. Below is a list of options for paying for her engagement ring – some suggestions from the pros.

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How to Avoid Scams When Buying Diamonds Online

don't get scammed buying jewelry online

It’s no big secret that crooks and scam artists make their living on the internet preying on unsuspecting people. They kneel down, crouch, and pounce when the time is right. Taking advantage of an opportunity over an innocent victim. Is buying diamonds online safe? Yes, in fact, buying diamonds online can be safer than buying from retail stores if you arm yourself with knowledge and know how to avoid the scams. Below are our 5 tips to help you when buying diamonds online. (and avoid getting scammed!)

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