How to Avoid Scams When Buying Diamonds Online

don't get scammed buying jewelry online

It’s no big secret that crooks and scam artists make their living on the internet preying on unsuspecting people. They kneel down, crouch, and pounce when the time is right. Taking advantage of an opportunity over an innocent victim. Is buying diamonds online safe? Yes, in fact, buying diamonds online can be safer than buying from retail stores if you arm yourself with knowledge and know how to avoid the scams. Below are our 5 tips to help you when buying diamonds online. (and avoid getting scammed!)

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5 Ways to Figure Out Her Ring Size Secretly

Figuring out her ring size

If you’re in a serious relationship and are getting ready to pop the big question? You’re going to need a vital source of information; her ring size. Getting the ring sized after the engagement is always an option but having it right at the time of the proposal will seize the moment. Getting her ring size without her knowing is going to be very tricky. Today is your lucky day, below is our list of 5 ways to figure out her ring size secretly!

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She Said Yes and Has the Ring, Now What?

There are hours of your invested time in making decisions, online research, and finally selecting the perfect engagement ring for your loved one. She said yes, so the scary part is over, however, what are you going to do when you realize you didn’t cover everything and the ring becomes lost or stolen?

We like to think optimistically as men but as a man who just made a significant purchase for a diamond ring, there are two things you need to consider doing next. Don’t wait until your wife loses her ring or has it stolen and finds out you didn’t love her enough to buy insurance? You don’t want to be that guy, so we’re here to the rescue. Buying a diamond is a big step in your life and you want to protect your investment as well as your marriage.

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2018’s Best Guide for Engagement Rings Styles

The big day is fast approaching when you’re going to ask your soul-mate to marry you, but you don’t know the differences between diamond engagement rings settings and style differences? This guide will help you with some basic information and give you a better understanding of the differences for metal bands and the stone choice. You should know by now, that marriage is a symbol of commitment and love, so therefore, the engagement ring is an essential part to any marriage proposal. Engagement ring styles make a huge difference!

The choices are vast for the ring band with options like yellow gold, sapphire, platinum, emerald, and white gold. The question is, how do you select a diamond and ring that’s going to be within your budget and still make your loved one feel like they’ve got a unique ring? This informative guide below will help you with ring settings and differences in styles into making a solid purchase today.

Consider These 6 Factors:

How do you want to present the ring to your partner.
The ring size of your partner.
The most you’re willing to spend.
The style of the ring.
The ring material the stone will be mounted on.
What type of gemstone are you going to purchase.

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Why Lab Created Diamonds Are a Poor Buy

When a diamond is created in a lab the idea is that the jeweler keeps recreating whatever they’ve made. Development and research for lab created diamonds can be an initial investment, however, over the course of time their cost drop and they end up with a product that is readily available and cheap to manufacture. The technological advancements has been in their favor which translates to a product that is produced at lower and lower rates. These diamonds are not rare and the reason why lab created diamonds are a poor buy.

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The Various Ways Diamonds are Priced

When trying to figure out the various ways diamonds are priced it can be a concrete fact that a diamonds value is based on its rarity. The harder it is to find a diamond and manufacture one, the more it will cost. There are 4 things that help a jeweler determine a diamonds value. They’re called the 4C’s. With that being said, a diamond’s rarity is determined by the cut, clarity, color, and the carat. In our article below we provide a brief description of the 4C’s in more depth. Read more to find some of our secrets on the various ways diamonds are priced!

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Do Loose Diamonds Make a Smart Investment?

Ever since the 19th century loose diamonds have soared, despite the sudden supply inflow, and this is due in fact to some clever marketing strategies by the world’s top diamond empires. It’s not uncommon for an ongoing market crises to have wealthy investors looking for hard investments. There are a lot of investors that are looking at loose diamonds as an alternative to the value in today’s gold market. Prices fluctuate daily and are ever changing in an up-hill battle for a steady market price on 1 oz of gold.

Are loose diamond purchases as an investment should be? Or, is it a faltering cause of telecommunications with hard investors looking for their golden-nest-egg? One thing about wealthy people, they’re very intelligent and have the power to buy whatever they want for infinity. So, let’s think about that for a second? If the smartest and extremely wealthiest people on earth are putting their cash into long term investments with loose diamonds, the answer is atypical of the question itself, of course loose diamond purchases as an investment.

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The 4C’s and What You Should Know When Buying Diamonds

The Quality of a Diamond can be Determined by the 4C’s

The 4C’s are defined as: color, clarity, cut, carat of the diamond. When you start the process of looking for a quality diamond it’s paramount to pay attention to these four traits that will help you select the diamond that’s perfect for you. This helps you gain a better understanding of what matters to you and what doesn’t. Overall affecting the price and what you can afford.

Why are the 4C’s are still a topic for buyers today? It happened during the middle of the 20th century when a universal grading system was introduced. This not only benefited the jeweler, but the consumer as well. For the first time in history there was an ecumenical way of measuring the quality of a diamond. The simplicity of the grading system added an increase in buyer demand and made it more fashionable than ever.

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Differences Between Diamond Quality VSS and VS

Both VVS and VS are quite popular when it comes to diamond clarity grades. So what are the differences between diamond quality and how are these two grades characterized and which one should you consider when you’re ready to make a purchase?

The Grading Scale of VSS and VS Diamond Gemstones

The Gemological Institute of America has implemented six primary diamond clarity grades. The highest grade is known as Flawless (FL), followed by the second highest grade, Internally Flawless (IF). The size of the inclusions is the main differences between diamond quality VSS and VS quality gemstones.

The third highest grade is (Very-Very Slightly Included) and the fourth grade is (Very Slightly Included). It’s important to remember that when you’re ready to purchase a quality diamond that (VVS) scores higher than a (VS) diamond. The fifth grade on the scale is Slightly Included (SI) and the sixth grade on the scale is Included (I).

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