Cheap Engagement Ring

Engagements rings are one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your life. There’s no need to feel bad if you’re in a position where you’ve got to finance one. Recent surveys show that 64% of working Americans couldn’t come up with a $1000 for emergency expenses. The average price for a diamond … Read more

Best Place To Buy Diamonds Online

don't get scammed buying jewelry online

It’s no big secret that crooks and scam artists make their living on the internet preying on unsuspecting people. They kneel down, crouch, and pounce when the time is right. Taking advantage of an opportunity over an innocent victim. Is buying diamonds online safe? Yes, in fact, buying diamonds online can be safer than buying … Read more

Engagement Ring Insurance

engagement ring insurance

There are hours of your invested time in making decisions, online research, and finally selecting the perfect engagement ring for your loved one. She said yes, so the scary part is over, however, what are you going to do when you realize you didn’t cover everything and the ring becomes lost or stolen? We like … Read more

Engagement Ring Styles Guide

engagement ring shapes

The big day is fast approaching when you’re going to ask your soul-mate to marry you, but you don’t know the differences between diamond engagement rings settings and style differences? This guide will help you with some basic information and give you a better understanding of the differences for metal bands and the stone choice. … Read more

Are Lab Created Diamonds Worth Anything?

When a diamond is created in a lab the idea is that the jeweler keeps recreating whatever they’ve made. Development and research for lab created diamonds can be an initial investment, however, over the course of time their cost drop and they end up with a product that is readily available and cheap to manufacture. … Read more

Tips For Buying Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are a moment in your life when the diamond you buy for your love, is going to last forever. It make it the single most important purchase in your life, so let’s get it right. The average consumer spends an average of $5,900 on such a purchase. It also a parody that millennial … Read more

Buying Loose Diamonds

Ever since the 19th century loose diamonds have soared, despite the sudden supply inflow, and this is due in fact to some clever marketing strategies by the world’s top diamond empires. It’s not uncommon for an ongoing market crises to have wealthy investors looking for hard investments. There are a lot of investors that are … Read more

Diamond 4Cs Chart

4Cs diamonds charts

The 4Cs are defined as: color, clarity, cut, carat weight of the diamond. When you start the process of looking for a quality diamond it’s paramount to pay attention to these four traits that will help you select the diamond that’s perfect for you. This helps you gain a better understanding of what matters to … Read more

Diamond Clarity Grades

diamond clarity scale

Diamond Clarity Grades The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has defined diamond clarity as the “Absence of Inclusions and Blemishes”. GIA has implemented six primary diamond clarity grades. The highest grade is known as Flawless (FL), followed by the second highest grade, Internally Flawless (IF). The size of the inclusions is the main differences between diamond … Read more